April 16, 2006

Surrounded by Stuff

There is too much stuff going on in every aspect of my life. Simplify!! I tried to stamp yesterday and found myself without one square inch of space that was not already covered with stamps, inks, paper, scraps, etc. If you are a stamper, you know what I mean! Making one card often takes 8 or 9 different things, and that doesn't count cleaning the stamps when I'm done. And, that's just the room where I stamp. There's another extra bedroom holding a bunch of stuff and even our bedroom is slowly taking on the look of a temporay Stampin Up factory. Enough!!! It is so disheartening and every time I clean up I swear I'll never make such a mess again. So --- I spent hours putting things away, only to pull out a bunch of stamps that I will be selling at a local stamp store -- Cami's Paperie -- http://www.camispaperie.com -- in Purcellville on May 20th. I catalogued them all and have set prices. I hope to make a bundle to help pay for my trip to Salt Lake City. But now that mess is everywhere! A hopeless fight for table space that I will battle anew today. This is an expensive hobby and sometimes I feel guilty about how much I spend on it. I think I want to start making money at this by having children's birthday parties. Am I crazy for even thinking about this? I think this is a prime opportunity for girls 5 - 12 and frankly my area of the country is full of stressed out moms with tons of $$$ who would jump at the chance. I need to think this through and price accordingly before I get in over my head! In the meantime, I found out that a friend (IRL) meaning someone I actually know and see on a regular basis, has breast cancer. And, another friend -- never met her -- is battling colon cancer. A co-worker has been battling perionetal cancer for years and it isn't pretty. I guess we are surrounded by a lot of "stuff" in life. There are battles, and then there are BATTLES.

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