May 28, 2006

Swapping at Convention

To those unfamiliar with the rubber world, swapping is exchanging card fronts. At the Stampin Up convention, many demos bring upwards of 500 card fronts to swap! The idea is to use the cardfronts that you receive in your business. But -- I'm not running an SU business, so what would I do with all those card fronts? So, I'm debating -- is it worth the time and expense to be part of the swap a thon? I think not. And, there are all sorts of "rules" -- the first of which is to use only unretired sets, which makes sense. I hear that some folks refuse your swap if the don't think it is "swap worthy." If someone refused mine, I think it would ruin convention for me. So I think I'm skipping swapping and concentrating on the shoebox swap that I'll be attending at convention. Plus, I'm co-hosting a shoebox swap on June 17th. I've done nothing to get ready for either of these except waste a lot of paper trying to come up with something "wow" -- I think that's the problem. Whenever the pressure is on, the mistakes start and the creative juices stop.

1 comment:

  1. Hi! You are just too funny!!! I love your cards and reading your blog (which I recently discovered)! I just wanted to let you know that other swappers at convention are not supposed to decline anyone's swap...It's called "swap snobbing" and it is against the rules!!! If someone tries to snob you just yell real loud for every other swapper to hear..."SWAP SNOBBER, SWAP SNOBBER!" They'll be so embarrased they'll never snob again! Good luck and enjoy!