June 17, 2006

Saint Joan

I've never liked my name, especially since my mom told me she named me after Joan of Arc -- "someone strong who would fight for herself." Or, as I see her, a "pyschotic troublemaker." Whatever, take your pick! I can be either person depending on the day. This was not a good week. In fact, this was a major bad week. My mom fell - she just had to respond to the cable guy when he called and walk into the "step down" living room without her cane to check out our TV. That wouldn't be so bad, except she didn't just walk into the living room, she fell. Crumpled into a corner with a broken ankle. Thanks to me for having the foresight to buy her one of those "I fell down and can't get up" buttons. There is nothing more chilling than pulling up to the house with a van full of teenagers to see the ambulance in our driveway. Fast forward 2 days -- she's depressed, home, and I'm taking care of her. What happened to my life?? I cried 2 hours when I realized that I couldn't go to my stamping convention. Then I pulled myself together and got back on track. Hired a nurse to come so I can go back to work. With that expense, I might as well work at McDonald's at night (no offense to people who work at McDonald's). So, I'm in a major pity party and would appreciate it if you would be nice to me!! Send rubber! Send paper! Send ink! ps. hey, at least the cable's working now!


  1. Joan...I really can understand all that you are going through. I am in a similar situation with my Mom and I sometimes feel so guilty and selfish for the feelings I experience. Mom is now in the advanced stages of altzheimers and its been a long hard struggle. A few years back I had to cancel a stamp convention trip because of a sudden hospitalization of Mom. I sometimes look around at my friends and envy their freedom. My children are grown...and my life is still not my own. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone...I hope things get better for you! You'll be in my prayers. Sharon

  2. Sending you cyber hugs and hoping this week is better!

  3. Bless your heart! I know you have quite an expense of hiring a nurse now, but check into your community's home health care program. Maybe your mom qualifies for free care. There might be a way you can hire 24 hour care for a few days so you can attend your convention. I cared for my MIL after her cancer surgery; it was NOT an easy thing; but nobody else in the family would even make the time to come see her, let alone care for her. If I lived close to you, I would come take care of your mama while you went.
    Thoughts and prayers,
    Rebecca (GW)