July 3, 2006


I'm a fraud!! I've hardly put ink to paper in the past few weeks. My stamp room looks like a cyclone went through it, but I've only managed to stamp a few cards. I owe tons of cards to folks, but haven't been inspired at all. However, my stamping mojo is starting to stir. I am determined to set aside time every day to indulge my passion -- and to clean up after my indulgence. Oh, so easy to say, so hard to do! I really need something for my ribbons. They are overflowing a shoe box. SU will be coming out with a ribbon holder in a future mini catalog, but I can't wait!!! I think a trip to IKEA or the Container Store or Home Depot is in order. Oh, and my collection of punches is starting to grow too. Hmm. At least I've organized my stamp sets so that they are now stored in alphabetical order (except for the ones not in storage...). I'm also on the hunt for the perfect adhesive. I think I've tried them all!! SNAIL -- the SU version of Tombow's double sided tape really doesn't hold all that well. Mono liquid holds like, well, like glue(!), but makes a mess and often leaks out the sides. It also leaves the card with a hard feel that I hate. So, if you have a recommendation for the perfect double sided tape -- cheap, firm and easy to obtain, give me a holler.


  1. Joan maybe try ATG adhesive. I just ordered the dispenser & 3 rolls of adhesive. It is a liitle expensive in the beginning due to buying the dispenser, but the adhesive is only 2.35 a roll for 36 yds. It cost me 46.18 with shipping. A bunch of the girls on SCS are using this & loving it. Also I emailed Tim Holtz & he emailed back & said the ATG is what he uses.


  2. Hi fellow stamper. I just came accross your blog this morning. I use Scotch brand double sided tape. I have a dispenser & get a double pack refill at Wal-Mart for a little over $3.00.
    I have a blog here also but I don't know how to give a link to it. It's called My Stamp Art. Happy stamping, Rita