July 13, 2006

Performance Anxiety

I am so ready to start my Christmas cards. I have paper. I have ink. I have stamps, punches, glue, glitter, mica powders, ribbon, brads, and all manner of embellishments. Most of all, I have time -- 5 glorious days away from work to stamp away and get ahead of the curve. Do I have a design that is fairly easy to duplicate? No. Do I have a design I like? No. What I have is bupkus!! There are inked up stamps, and bits of paper piled up high covering our desk and my stamping table. Sure, I've made a couple of darling cards -- copied from others -- but they are time consuming and not "mine." They simply won't do. Times like this I look at my paper and ink and think, maybe I need different paper, different ink, different stamps. Bonk! I'm delusional!! I just need a dose of creativity. But, creativity is stymied by anxiety, and I'm all worked up over this, which is a sure fire prescription for disaster. No point using up any more perfectly lovely paper and ink tonight. Stay tuned...


  1. Coming up with a nice design is always so hard! That's when I tend to pull out my pile of junk mail (yes, I save all that stuff they cram into my mailbox) and jsut start playing. Sketching, stamping, coloring. No pressure as I'm not using "good" paper. Don't know whether that would help, but it might be worth a try...

  2. I hear you! I can't even think of Christmas cards without getting a yucky feeling in my tummy! And now that I hear all the chatter about the Holiday Mini, I can't order anything out of the new catty for fear there will be more goodies I like better! Keep your chin up!