August 11, 2006


Sam, the grandson of friends, is starting kindergarten next month and moving from Oregon to Virginia! With all these big boy changes, don't you think he deserves a "name frame" for his new room? I used the Cricut and some patterned paper. No stamping! Too much fun for a grown up to be having!! While I was working on this, I started thinking about how frustrated I've been lately with my lack of artistic talent or creativity. The more I looked at other stampers' and paper crafters' work, the more depressed I got. I had to find a way out of this attitude. So, I've decided -- I'm in kindergarten for stampers! I've spent the past 4 years in preschool (I'm slow!), and now I'm ready to hang out with the big kids -- but, only in kindergarten. I have to practice, just like Sam will have to practice his letters and numbers (actually, Sam already reads, writes and plays the violin, but this is just an analogy!!). Already, I'm itchy for 1st grade, but if I don't do my homework, I'll never get there.


  1. He will love that name frame. It's beautiful.

  2. Soooo cute. I think I will join you in stamper kindergarten. Actually, since I think you are more talented perhaps I am in stamper preschool. Seriously though, some of the gals just have natural talent, others have been stamping for years and put many hours and dollars into it. I know I can make cards that make my friends and family happy. That is what is important to me.