August 25, 2006


Spent a lot of time on vacation stamping cards "to be ready" when folks request RAKs. I am soo guilty of not responding when the call goes out for someone in need of a card, or responding that I will send a card, and then not doing it. [Yes, this is terrible.] So, I made a bunch of card fronts and now just need to get them assembled. This WILL happen. However, without going into detail, let's just say I have NO room to stamp at present, and therefore, no ability to pull these cards together. Bathroom renovation, etc. = huge messy stamp room with little to no room to walk, nevermind stamp. Ok, the bathroom renovation is just part of the problem. I'm certain stampers will read between the lines here! LOL Vacation was great because I was with the greatest husband and greatest son in the world. The fact that our cabin was so remote and the walls were mainly glass and there was NO deadbolt lock played only a small part in my imagination running wild. Happy to report that NO serial killers appeared. I made sure by staying up during the night and protecting us!! LOL Good grief, sometimes I am such a dork....can't wait to get a good night's sleep tonight.

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