August 4, 2006

RAK Thank Yous

My mother received an amazing number of beautiful cards from the stampers at the Gingerwood stamping site. The vast majority of these cards were hand stamped by the senders -- a few were ones I made or recycled and sent to out to Gingerwoodies, only to be mailed back to my mom (she was never the wiser)! My mom is 84, sick, and really appreciated all the cards. I suspect that more will be arriving as the days go on, but I didn't want to wait any longer to thank the kind stampers who took the time to do this for my Mom. In many ways, it was just as meaningful to me as it was to my Mom. The roll call of wonderful stampers: Jan W, Candy, D, Jackie, Jan F, Cheryl, Mary in Orlando, Sue C (bensarmom on SCS), Debbie in Houston, Kris and Paul W, Marie L, Jo Z., Betty E, Princess Judy, Kate, Barb (Stampenstein), Marcia D, Vivian, PK, Jynger (?), Denise R, Wanda G, Pat, Patty J, Susan K, Kelly S, Lindy, Linda, Jim, Chanda, and Jodie S. I hope I'm not missing anyone. Please let me know if I did!! And the cards themselves!! Oh my!! I wish I had the skill to upload each of these and match them to the artist. Gorgeous papers and ribbons and clear glass beads, acetate, tags, envelopes, amazine cut out designs -- seriously, this stuff rocks!! My mom has a friend who collects cards and they use them at a nursing home. So, as much as I would love to keep these, they will be re-cycled so the kindness goes on and on.

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