August 29, 2006

What Happened After I Signed Up

(Note: if you are new to this blog, the Tale of a Soon to be Former Demo starts 2 posts below!) It took just a few days and SU sent me my precious "demo number" through an email. Wow that was fast! With that number I was able to log onto to the demo portion of the SU website. Awesome site -- full of tons of business information. I had never heard or or seen inspiration sheets. Turns out the demos can buy all sorts of little things -- like inspiration sheets -- and give them to their customers. They are basically "recipes" for using the stamp sets -- and they are nice! You can also buy other fun stuff, like SU aprons and shirts and lawn signs!! I never bought any of the that stuff, except for the inspiration sheets. Remember, I'm trying to SAVE money here, not spend. About a week later, SU called just to welcome me. Aww, how sweet. Then the wait began for the starter kit. I loved getting that huge box -- in fact I think it was several boxes but it takes way too long for a box to get from Riverton Utah to Virginia -- SU orders take at least 7 - 10 days. Ugh. However, it was such a blast when it came. All those goodies at once. Plus, SU sent all sorts of videos and DVDs that included all the info you need on how to run a business (well, not all of it), and how SU works. And, I signed up for the demo portion of the splitcoaststampers website. A much bigger blast! Man, those gals are crazy!!! Talk about enablers. Seriously, they are some of the nicest women I have never met (I'll have a separate post JUST on those ladies). One of the fun little perks to being a demo is that your first "hostess order" -- meaning an order more than $150 that you make within the first 45 days of being a demo (don't rely on my memory of these details) comes with an extra 10% off. Woohoo! I used it to stock up on all sorts of goodies. At this point, my house was overflowing with stuff. I was cutting rubbah, filing cardstock, figuring out where to put the ribbon. Heaven. I swear I've never taken illegal drugs, but I think I know how a crack addict must feel right after the first sniff............. So, by now you are wondering where the "save the money" part comes in. I swear I saved money. You'll find out how in the next installment!! NEXT: HOW TO SPEND LESS ON STAMPING AND ENJOY IT MORE

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