October 5, 2006

Colorbox Queue Inks

All the stuff I bought in a stressed out frenzy last week is beginning to arrive -- just in time for a break from work. I've always liked the cat's eye version of colorbox chalk inks (mysteriously, the full size chalk ink pads are very different and not recommended). Anyway, I saw these sets at http://www.cornishheritagefarms.com for $9.99 and ordered a couple of sets. I didn't realize that the whole point of these "queues" is that they come stacked and that there is only one top to the stack. In other words, you store them in the stack because there isn't an individual top for each ink pad. At first, I was disapppointed, but then I realized that this is a very cool idea. It forces me to keep them organized in a tight little stack, and they are very cute! I ordered Pumpkin Patch (shown in the picture), which has no orange! and Chocolate and Blueberries, which has a yummy name and great colors -- including an elusive (for me) charcoal gray. Cleverly, they come with a set of stickers to put on the bottom of each ink pad. Hint: do that immediately! Since you pay only $1.67 per ink pad (no shipping if you spend $25), that's a good deal. To avoid shipping, I just had to buy Cornish's weave backgrounder. Love those background stamps mounted on ez foam. No need to use an acrylic block. Just flip over on your table, ink, and press the paper on the stamp. Such an inexpensive way to load up on cool backgrounds. Today begins a week and half off from work. I needed this break. This will give me time to spend with my mother and keep on top of her shaky medical situation, pay attention to my somewhat neglected teenage son, plan for my mother's discharge from rehab, and STAMP. No more chatty postings until I've got some cards to post. Promise.


  1. I check your blog every day. Love it. Thanks for sharing the product info. Helps when the poster has used the stuff. I've been having trouble with the large background stamps. Will check out the one you talked about.
    Best to your mom. Enjoy time off.
    Marcia D.

  2. Thanks for sharing this... I ended up going over and ordering two sets for myself...