October 18, 2006

A Topic of Prime Importance

The winter mini that is! Since I'm still a demo, I got to print out the winter mini yesterday from the demo portion of the SU website. Thank goodness my birthday is in December and of course, there is Christmas coming because I have a very long list of wants from this mini. I thought those of you without access to it might enjoy a bit of a description! Here goes -- Love Matters, set of 12 stamps. $26.95. 4 different hearts, the words Love and Friends and 5 sayings. Oh, and a row of small flowers with stems, grass and the flowers are little hearts. It's done in a doodling style and quite attractive! Small Tag Punch -- 13.95 It's about time SU released this! This one is just the size of the tag stamps and you use the current tag punch that is in the catalogue to form a mat for this smaller one. Tagger's Dozen -- set of 12 stamps. $16.95. These are designed to go on the small tag punch, but unlike the other "tag" sets, are not in the shape of a tag. With the exception of a heart, each stamp has a small design with a word or two under the design, such as a crown with "queen for a day" -- very cute. Trees Three -- set of 7 $19.95. There is one stamp that is a solid of well, 3 trees! No leaves, very stark. Quite nice!! 3 stamps to stamp onto the trees, a stamp that I think is supposed to be a row of grass, and 2 sayings complete this set. The tree stamp is not your typical SU style and I'm loving it. Carte Postale -- set of 11 $24.95 This set will be wildly popular. Has a french vintage feel to it, and the sayings are in French. It includes a fleur de lis, a lovely bird that is in flight, etc. There is a drop dead gorgeous jumbo wheel ($7.95) that coordinates with it. It is called Leaves a la Carte. There is also double sided designer paper that also goes with Carte Postale. I can't see the colors too well, but they appear to be greens, brown and pinks. Finally, there is a very unusual background stamp that coordinates with this set called French Flair. It has the same birds and some swirling action going on so the birds appear to be in flight, but doesn't cover an entire 1/4 sheet of paper -- more like 3/4ths of a quarter of a page. Very very nice. $16.95 Fancy Flexible Phrases -- 56 -- $39.95 These phrases are in a beautiful script and include Happy Hanukkah! I love this set. It is pricey, but it will be mine! Like it a Latte -- set of 11 -- $24.95 I love this a latte! A cup of hot chocolate or coffee, tea, etc., some coffee beans, whipped cream, marshmallows, a peppermint stick and some swirly stuff to look like heat rising. Plus some sentiments. This is a wonderful set and it, too, will be mine! Butterfly of Happiness -- set of 8 $22.95 4 butterflies, 2 flowers and 2 sayings in a style similar to Friendship Flowers (see my sympathy card below). Hmm, now that I think of it, this will coordinate quite nicely with that set. Loves Me designer double sided paper Me loves it! Again, it is hard to see the colors on my crummy printer and I haven't checked what colors coordinate, but it appears to be cool caribbean, pinks, and brown and white. Happy Thoughts set of 4 $11.95. Each is a design with a word underneath -- dream, happy, grow and wish. Nothing special. Sweet on You -- set of 4 $11.95 A posey type flower, a rectangle with the words "I heart" and some dotted lines under it, a doodling circle with a heart inside. And, the one stamp that is worth buying this set for -- a really cute reverse scalloped circle with the word "sweet" inside. Don't know if I'll get it for this one stamp, but in the hands of talented stamper, this could be quite nice. Perennial Friendship-- set of 6 $22.95 A bouquet of line drawn rose buds and 5 sentiment stamps. Small Sayings -- set of 12 $16.95 6 sayings (each a very different style) and 6 tiny stamps. Love the sentiments, the little stamps are nothing special. Big Pieces -- set of 8 $28.95. This is the BIG version of Little Pieces. Will be very popular. Alphabet wheel $5.95 Reminds me of Alphabet Soup Woodland Cottage - set of 4 $17.95 A English looking cottage, a rose bud, a vine covered gate and a sentiment. There are other accessories, including some new ribbons, and several "stamp kits" in the mini, but I'll save that for you to see for yourself!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to describe the new Winter Mini sets. I can see I better start saving my money now for that Carte Postale ensemble and the English Cottage. Those are definitely my style! Can't wait to see what they all look like.

  2. Wow...I just told myself I was going to slow down on my buying and start using what I have. That is very hard to do when SU keeps coming out with fabulous stamps! Thanks so much for sharing