November 30, 2006

My Last Day as an SU Demo

If you've been a longish time reader of this blog, you know that I decided to give up being an SU demo -- a decision unrelated to SU and based entirely upon the amount of time I have to spend running the 3 ring circus I call home. I finally notified SU last week that today would be last day. As of tomorrow, I won't be able to log onto SU's super easy ordering system, press a few buttons and sit back and wait (and wait) for the order to arrive. It was fun. I never did workshops but had a bunch of online customers -- only one woman stiffed me and it was only for 5 bucks! Not too shabby for dealing with total strangers. It is amazing how many stampers I met on the internet by being a demo. Trading cards, placing orders, emails, etc. Now it is time to step back and just be a customer. If you were one of my customers, a huge thank you. You should consider becoming a demo! Hmm, one day left to buy as a demo? What's a stamper to do??


  1. What a hard decision that must have been Joan. You have such great talent. But...we all do what we need to do. You must still share with us via this blog...okay? Good Luck in the future!

  2. (((Hugs)))
    I'm sure it's been difficult giving up your demo-ship but I'm sure you made the best decision for yourself and everyone.
    Who knows, you could always sign back up one day when things settle down a bit for you.

  3. Joan:
    I will miss you as a fellow demonstrator. I have enjoyed reading your posts on SCS as well as this blog. Also being an attorney, a mother, a wife and a stamper I can certainly understand the time constraints that you face. I wish you luck. I will continue to enjoy reading your posts here at Paperlicious.

  4. Now you'll have more time to create and for your blog, right;)
    I check in here every day. When I gave up a homebased business it was hard, but I soon knew it was the right decision.

  5. Here is what i's do.... go out with a bang and shop your a-- off! (hee, hee). Hope you will keep your blog up though, I enjoy your sense of humor and stamping talent!

  6. Way to go Joan!! I also had to resign this way. It was easier to take the bandaid off all at once instead of slowly peeling it away. Honestly, I do miss being a demo but I know it was the best thing for me to do in my situation. I am having a blast as a customer, though, and don't feel guilty about just ordering $40 at a time!!


  7. Ahh, Joan. . . we will miss you sorely on the demo side! Whenever we need a good common sense post, maybe you could get a visitor pass? :-D Huge hugs, and I'll be stalkin' your blog!

  8. You made a choice that was good for you. You can always go back to SU and become a demo again right? In the mean time I will be visiting your blog and looking for you on SCS.


  9. I love checkin'out your blog. I just signed up. Any advice? I really need it! Not sure about what I might be getting myself into. ha ha. So far I'm my best customer.Goodluck with the circus. Hopefully you had some downline who can fill you in on upcoming promos etc. and maybe even send a little residuals your way, every little bit help the budgeting.