November 9, 2006

Soliciting Information on Paper Trimmers/Contest

I have a genesis paper trimmer, which I love and will never give up. However, it is big. It is pricey. It is probably the 4th paper trimmer I bought!! Let's compare notes and save each other from mistakes and point each other in the right direction! If you are game, I would like to do an article for this blog comparing and discussing paper trimmers. Please email me at with any information about YOUR paper trimmer experience. Please include the manufacturer and model name/number if you have it, and any of the following: price, size, number of pages it can cut, types of blade (just straight or does it use decorative blades), is it portable, etc.? Finally, and most importantly, does it cut evenly? Would you recommend it? Let me know if I can use your name. Otherwise, I won't attribute your comments. Thanks! Oh, contest, you say? You little devils, always waiting for the free stuff, aren't you??? LOL Well.........anyone who emails me with a description of her paper trimmer(s) experience will be eligible to win......$15 worth of whatever you want from the Stampin Up catty. And an email that says "I love my [insert name of trimmer]" doesn't qualify! I need details. Deadline for receipt of emails is November 11th 5pm (east coast time!).


  1. I have an older Fiskars cutter (it's about 4+ years old) - 12inch with the orange slider blade. I've been wanting a new one, but I can't really justify it because this one still works so well. I even "tried" to break it a few months ago when it fell off of my craft table, but my husband fixed it as good as new!
    Must be something about it to make it last so long! Good luck in your quest!

  2. I have a Fiskars rotary trimmer. It's huge, but it's light weight and it cuts evenly. I've heard bad things about them from other people, but I love mine. Because it's light weight I've been able to take it to stamp club with me, too. It cuts two sheets of card stock well I've done more but two is truly the best fit. I like the fact that I can change the blades, too, and use decorative ones. It was fairly inexpensive. I believe that we paid around $35 for it about eight years ago. It still cuts well and I've never changed the blade. I look at others, but I'd rather have stamps.

    I hope that you get feedback from others, too.

    Love your blog,

  3. Joan, I have the 12" tonic guillotine cutter (bought with a coupon from for under $40). I love this thing. While I do everything at home, it stays on my table. The cuts on it are superb in that I'm now getting straight cuts (no decorative blades)!! Oh! I typically use it to cut one page at a time, but it can safely go through SU cardstock (about 2-3) pages without errors (I just tested this for you!) I didn't find that one needed a learning curve to figure this thing out - it is simple and easy to use. Would I recommend this? IN A HEARTBEAT! :) HTH!

  4. I just bought, with a Robert's 50% off coupon, a Carl rotary one, that had retail price of $42 at the store.

    I had the same as the first commenter, Denise, but it's been driving me nuts with not cutting quite straight and stuff. Plus, one side of the lift-up clear ruler/blade track sticks and I have to yank it up on that side; it's done this since purchase, I never took it back as I really needed it that month lol.

    Anyway, once I've done some with the new one, I can report back. I was looking for just such reviews of trimmers, but figured I may as well use the coupon and see how this one does . . .

  5. I have had 4 different Fiskars cutters. The first one was only a 9 inch or so with the orange slider blade. That was before the 12x12 paper. I used it for years. I also had the Fiskars rotary trimmer that you can change the blades on. I thought it was too big and bulky to take around with me and didn't use the decorative blades either. The next cutter I got was the 12 inch fiskars cutter. I loved this one, but over time and cutting so much it seemed to have cut into the plastic causing me to have an uneven cut.

    About 6 months ago I purchased the new Fiskars 12 inch cutter. It also has the orange blade and can also be equipped with the black scoring blade. It has the card measurement gridlines on it as well, which I LOVE. I never was good at measuring unless it was the full or half inch. I love how portable the cutter is and it seems to always cut straight as long as I align the paper straight on the top or bottom. I think I purchased this cutter for about 20.00 at a local store. StampinUp! also has the same cutter. I love it and that is why I have never used anything but the Fiskars cutter.

    Good luck!


  6. Just call me greedy! I'll be thinking about mine and send off an email. It sure is a frustrating search to find the "perfect" trimmer.

  7. I sent my review via e-mail. Looking forward to reading all the comments!

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  9. I have 3 different paper trimmers - all with their own plus and minus list!

    The Fiskars personal paper trimmer - my first, so that's why its the most easiest to use for me. I can see clearly where I am cutting! A fold out ruler for paper larger than 4.5 inches. Very compact and portable.

    The downside - I go through blades very quickly. And while the scoring tool is nice to have - it doesn't do a very good job (either not enough "score" or I tear through my paper). And when I get in a hurry - I can make the best wavy cuts!

    The Creative Memories personal paper trimmer - guillotine style. Haven't used this too much. Since I normally work with larger sizes of paper - I'd have to use two. So - not much to add here.

    The Fiskars 12" rotary trimmer. I like that the blade is still sharp after countless cuts. I don't like that I can't tell as well as the trimmer above) where I will be cutting - that is -- I have measurements on BOTH sides of the cut line with the blade trimmer, and I've only figured out one side with the rotary trimmer. Cuts straight though when I remember to use the guide to hold down the paper!

    I have used the monster commercial rotary trimmer at the UPS store. And was not successful at multiple pieces of paper, let alone cardstock.

    I'm anxious to read about everyone's experience with their cutting systems!


  10. I have the older Fiskars Rotary trimmer and I will never replace it as long as it still works. I think it is over 6 years old. It has the gray rounded handle with the orange round blade compartment. I have never had it cut a single thing crooked. The blades and the cutting strips are easy to replace. With fresh blades and strips I can cut 3-4 sheets of heavy cardstock at a time and over 10 sheets of paper. I have tried many cutters over the years and purchased 2 others and returned both. They were really hyped but in reality just did not compare with my old Fiskars. I think I paid about $25 for it at Costco years ago. I do have some decorative blades and a scoring blade which are not that easy to change so I just don't use them at all. It is not the most portable thing so I usually just take my little personal trimmer with me. As a teacher though, I needed something more heavy duty so I can do cutting for school. I work in a juvenile detention center and I stamp with my students.

    I actually get anxiety attacks at the thought of ever having to replace this cutter!!

    Donna (Mrs. C from GW board) and yes you can use my name!

  11. I've had several Fiskars cutters. The rotary cutter was a little too bulky for my needs so I replaced it with the grey one with the orange blade. It was replaced by fiskars after I complained that it wasn't cutting straight. The replacement cutter I received is the "euro" model. My only concern with these cutters is that I am constantly needing to replace the blades. I also have a tonic cutter but have not found any local suppliers that sell the replacement blades.
    Am considering a guillotine model so that I can cut multiple sheets at a time. I'm also waiting to hear reviews on the new making memories cutter that was released recently. Looking forward to seeing the results of your poll!!

  12. I have a guillotine style cutter, which I hardly ever use. It was purchased from a paper supply store and is just taking up space (Boston, 2612). Cut's small paper well, however, the cut on the bottom is often crooked. I have several Fiskars personal cutters, the 9 inch and the 12 inch, with the favorite being the 12 inch. Only problem that I have encountered with them, is with all the cutting I've done, I've left an uneven groove to one of the inside cutting edges. To compensate, I have to make sure that I apply pressure to the outside edge. I know that I should replace it, but, It works so wonderful. The drawback..can only cut one paper at a time.

    Patti Hojnacki