December 2, 2006

About the Scor It

I made this card for my son Andy's 16th birthday today. I was very rushed and this isn't a particularly creative or interesting card -- but I'm posting it to show what you can do with the Scor It. I embossed these lines to create a perfect grid and then ran a chalk ink pad over the top of the paper (turning the paper vertically and horizontally) to highlight the grid lines. I've seen other folks create really nice channels for ribbons, etc. The Scor It is pricey -- usually over $50 and takes up quite a lot of space. However, it is a fun tool. Not a MUST have, but fun nonetheless. ps. about these pictures. I'm frustrated with my new MAC. Pictures upload seamlessly, but I can't figure out how to gain access to my EDITED pictures. Until I figure that out, I'm waiting before featuring my next artist. I guess I'll have to break down and read the manual!


  1. I saw this tool at a craft fair about a month ago and thought it was really amazing. I figured it was way out of my price range and I couldn't find anyone who wasn't busy already to tell me the price anyways so I just forgot about it. Now you've reminded me and it might be a Happy New Year to me gift! Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday, Andy! Enjoy your day.
    Your card that your mom made is sweet!
    Have a super day!