December 5, 2006

More Altered Frappaccino

I love these bottles and holder! I used SU's Holiday Thyme paper and coordinating ribbons to cover the holder and the bottles, Riveting for the top of the bottles. The ribbon is very soft and easy to work with. I'm not a huge fan of these colors -- a bit drab for my tastes, but it is fun to have everything match. I pulled the clear labels off the bottles that are filled with Hershey kisses (it takes an entire 12 oz. bag, minus 2! to fill the 2 bottles), and let them soak in hot soapy water. Then I used a paper towel and Goo Gone to rub off the sticky residue that was still left on the bottles. That leaves the bottles quite slippery, so back in the hot soapy water for a final good scrub. Do NOT put the bottles with the labels in your dishwasher. I've read that this will gum up your dishwasher.


  1. Those are so pretty. Wonder where the extra two kisses went. Hmmmm;)

  2. Joan..I am still working on mine. I wouldn't even want to tell you how much time it's taken me. I think your altered Fraps are the very best I've seen! They are so well done and tasteful. Your choices are elegant. I am still working on the first set and I still have a second to go. I may be done with them next Christmas! lol Thanks for showing the new examples. They are great!

  3. I love what you have done decorating your bottles. Great ideas for cards too. I came across your blog on Google. Thanks Vicki from New Zealand :-)

  4. Ack! You're killing me here! :) SO cute! I wish I knew someone who actually drank these things!

  5. Joan,

    You have done such a pretty job making these bottles. I have mine waiting for me to decorate. You are an inspiration.


  6. These are just too cute. You do them so well. Following your lead, I'm going to make a few for Christmas. They're perfect.
    Thank you for posting the tips that you did. I didn't know about the labels and dishwashers. That explains a few things.
    Rubber Hugs,

  7. WOW these are simply gorgeous!