January 19, 2007

The Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday's mail contained a most welcome surprise -- 2 beautiful cards from Indy_Patti on Splitcoaststampers. (I'm saving the other card for another posting...) I took a close up of the detail of the center of the flower to give you an idea of how sparkly gorgeous this card is. After reading Patti's letter -- a real letter -- not just a note, I had tears in my eyes. I won't share too much, except to say Patti likes the blog and relates to it, and I'm now a temporary Colts fan for the Superbowl! Go Colts!! Do quilters send quilts to one another, do knitters send mittens to total strangers? Do fishermen send lures to other fishermen they've never met??? LOL Or, is there something special about a craft that consists mainly of greeting cards that causes us to reach out to one another in such a special way? I forgot to ask Patti for the details on how she made this card. So, Patti, please comment and let us know what kind of papers you used. I see the Cuttlebug D'Vine Swirls embossing folder in action on some yummy chocolate paper, and the flower -- are the petals made with punches? The paper for the flower appears to be glossy? Details, please! On an unrelated note...the $%^& feedblitz is sending an email every day to my subscribers even when I haven't posted anything new! This puts most unwelcome pressure on me to post something daily. So that you don't get emails from feedblitz claiming I've posted when I haven't, I'll try and fix that later today, or I may just delete feedblitz and switch to another update service. I'll provide details in another posting...


  1. Joan

    I think you have defined stampers by how we do share our creations!

    Thank you so much for posting the card! Now for the details:
    these cards were all made with marcella by K&Company paper/embellishments that I found at Target. I did use my CB Dvine Swirls embossing folder for the background. The flowers were ready made - with the brad in the center. So this was (blushing - almost) too easy once I had the layout in mind. The paper btw is double sided patterned paper - sold in stacks of quarter sized sheets.

    Something fun from Target's scrapbooking aisle!



  2. beautiful card. Thanks for showing it to us. By the way, you might share your story with how the card touched you with the editor for Simply Sentiments magazine. The "last card" section is for stories about handcrafted cards and how the love for a craft can make an impression on someone in way's you'll never know.
    Adelle- mnhyrkas

  3. I'm not only a Su stamper, but I'm a quilter as well and YES - we do share quilts with each other. Art Quilters even send out fabric postcards to each other!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful card - love that flower!

    (And yes, fishermen do share jigs, blades and lures, LOL.)

  5. Patti's Card is goregeous. It was very thoughtful of her to send it to you and to also send a "real" letter along with it. Your right it is not very often that this happens at least not to me. :)


    PS. I am a Pats fan. ;)

  6. Lovely card - thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Joan and Patti:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so rich and the detail is incredible.

    Isn't it nice to get awesome cards in the mail filled with warm fuzzies! Happy for you Joan, that you enjoyed the letter and the cards!

  8. That last comment was me...I am not too familiar with how this comment thing works....I would rather be Mothermark, not anonymous! Have to do a little practicing!