January 26, 2007

Updated Info on the Blog and the Prima Winner

First, the good stuff -- Soozie4Him won the prima flowers! Please send me a private message at Splitcoast (I'm Joan B) and give me your address and I'll pop those babies in the mail. Thanks to every one else who sent in ideas for the blog -- you guys have inspired me to try a few new things here! I have a 4 -- count them -- 4 day break from work!! Like a kid in a candy shop!! (Or a stamper in a stamp shop!) I'm facing a big project starting February 1 and figured I'd better get in a day off while I could. In addition to mundane chores like doing my taxes, etc., I am going to try and set up a new blog, one that is compatible with a MAC, so that I can link to things much more easily, etc. In the meantime, I'll try and post a few things here. If I do switch, of course, I'll provide a link here to the new blog... To answer a question about my I HEART You card -- Sweet on You -- NOT Sweet Talk (wrong name used in the original post) has a stamp with a heart and a doodled circle around it. That's what I used to stamp the red background.

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