February 2, 2007

Problems with Feedblitz

I'm aware that you are getting emails when it appears that I have not changed the posting. I am in the process of switching to another email service and will post again shortly with information on how to re-subscribe. Thanks and sorry for the annoying emails!!


  1. Hi,

    The reason that you're getting an update each day is that you have FeedBlitz tracking your HTML (which does change daily) and not your RSS feed (which chnges when you post). We jsut edited your syndication in FeedBlitz and you'll be much happier with the results.



  2. I really like feedblitz for reading my subscriptions. I'm not sure why, but something must be set incorrectly. I subscribe to lots of other blogs and they all work great!

    Oh, I just saw another posters comments. Hope they got it figured out for you. I can let you know if it seems to be working tomorrow. Hang on one more day or two before you jump ship.

  3. Sheelagh Caygill3/06/2007 12:37:00 PM

    Hi, I have the opposite problem with Feedblitz. My blog is newish and there are three test emails entered as subscriptions and not one is receiving an update. I've contacted FB and they say everything is okay. Anyone had this problem?