February 8, 2007

So Where's The New Stuff?

You may have noticed -- I haven't posted any of my own stamping for a while. "Awhile" in the blog world can be as little as a day! Yee blog readers are thirsty, greedy folks!! lol Seriously, I find the pressure to produce something interesting, creative, etc. every day detracts from the therapeutic nature of stamping and this blog. So, you'll be seeing some new features coming soon. Yes, I will be posting my own work. I am working on a card now that isn't quite finished. But, I also have in the works a nice feature article on [think: name of super cool interesting artist with her own store!]. I'm very excited to be interviewing her and ...well, that's enough of a tease. If you've read this far, you also will want to know about a major Contest coming up. I mean a contest with a decent prize!! One worth entering, if you get my drift..... I should have more time tonight or tomorrow to post the details of the contest...yes, I'm acting like those weatherman who say "Will there be snow tomorrow? We'll let you know after the break!" (I hate those guys...). Just wanted you to know that while you aren't seeing anything new from me, there's stuff, good stuff in the works! Note about the brown ink comparisons: If you read the comments you'll see other great suggestions for brown ink, among them Staz On Timber (got to try that one!).


  1. Yes, we are a hungry and greedy bunch...just waiting for ANYTHING to post, LOL.
    I love the updates, other artist work, and those good tips you give us. I've often wondered how other's manage to come up with something new and great almost every day - I attribute it to their YOUTH and a VERY SPECIAL GIFT, neither of which I possess, LOL!

  2. Can't wait to see what you're working on!

  3. I can't wait to see what you are working on... and what kind of contest you are having!

    Your blog is so great - its no wonder we're greedy!


  4. You're a hoot!