March 10, 2007

Do You Like Acrylic Stamps?

I think I do, especially since I got these cool acrylic blocks -- They're made by Apple Pie Memories and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Those lines are laser etched and make all the difference when placing acrylic or unmounted rubber onto a block. I got mine at My Favorite Things, a new store (for me) that also sells some adorable clear stamps. These blocks make placing small acrylic stamps, such as the very nice ones by Papertreyink, so much easier. If you've already invested in other blocks, perhaps taking a fine Sharpie and carefully drawing in some lines would do the trick? So, I'm wondering -- is acrylic a fad, here to stay? Will it dominate or be another choice? What do you think? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Few other things -- yes, I definitely want to post some "before and after" cards to share the results of my collaboration with my "comment buddy." I'm spending more time dealing with my Mom lately and consequently have less time for stamping. I owe so many folks thank you cards that I really need to get on the stick. I don't know about you, but sometimes stamping is a wonderful retreat and other times I just can't do it! This is one of those times! Later today -- it's already 2 am -- I'm spending ALL day with my hubby to celebrate our 17th anniversary. We decided to invest in hiring my Mom's week day caretaker to come on Saturday so we could have a day all to ourselves. Heaven


  1. Happy Anniversary Joan and have a wonderful day with your DH, you deserve it!

  2. First of all - Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy the day with that special man of yours. Secondly - the acrylic stamps I bought from PaperTrey are my first acrylics and though I really like them - my wood mounted ones will still be my favs. I just bought a set of Provo Craft blocks from All That Scraps. I still don't have the hang of getting the sentiments lined up on the laser lines perfectly the first, second or third try. Any tips? I'm spending just as much time getting things where I want them as I do when I use the wood mounted stamps and the Stamp-a-ma-jig. Thirdly - you are a wonderful daughter to care for your Mom. My sister cares for my Mom and I know what that entails. She's 93 and has Alzheimers.


    Thank you for the information on the acrylic stamp block. I think they will be another choice as long as the demand remains the same. Only time can tell how well they will hold up.

  4. I'm not sure if the acrylics are here to stay. I really like their clearness and how easy it is to stamp with them, would guess it depends on how well they last to storage, elements and usage.

  5. Joan - Happy Anniversary!!

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful day!

  6. Joan
    Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful day with your hubby.

    Acrylic stamps, funny you should ask that today.
    I made a one sheet wonder with a set of them today...smearing mounting and unmounding, ink beading as to not get a solid image, then switching to chalk ink for better coverage it was all so time consuming and messy for ME.
    I bought a few stamp sets and I am truly wishing that I did not. I have 179+ rubber wood mount sets that take up a lot of room so I thought give it a try. I bought images that I could not get from SU so I will use them but I do not think I will purchase anymore at this time. I do have a set coming from CTMH and I hope they work better than the ones I previouly purchased.
    I truly believe that there is room in the industry for these stamps and I do like some of the word sets but I am really turned off right now. Who knows maybe the next time things will go better.

    Oh yes in the middle of the OSW I pulled out a set of my SU stamps and finished the sheet off. I like just grabbing a stamp inking up and tossing it to the side for later clean I am a messy stamper and I think that makes a difference also. I know I will loose an acrylic if I am not careful. :)

  7. Hope you have a wonderful celebration!

    Congrats on making the decision to give yourself your Saturdays back! A dear friend of mine gave me a lecture that still doesn't "feel right" but she said when the family could afford it - take advantage of hired help...more than anything, value the time with the aged instead of "doing", spend time chatting, playing with them. You're doing a great job but need to remember to take care of the caregiver!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful day and I am glad you are making it a priority to be together today....

    Acrylic stamps? I don't know if I like them yet....I don't think I do....maybe I have not given them a chance!

  9. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! That's great to hear about the respite care, too. You truly deserve it!

  10. Acrylic stamps- whoever invented clear stamps is brilliant!!! I LOVE them- as a matter of fact, I REFUSE to purchase wood stamps anymore- you get so used to precisely seeing where you're going to stamp and if you got a clean image (you can restamp if you didn't- try doing that with wood!!!) Don't resist the clear stamps- I personally don't think they are a fad. My prediction is that wood will eventually go away, or selection will become limited. T

    P.S. Love your blog!!!