March 22, 2007

What Happened?

You did not imagine that yesterday I posted a message about my Mom wanting her driver's license; and yes, in a fit of pique, I deleted it last night. Bad blogger! No time for stamping this week, but I'll tell you -- my Mom got her driver's licensed renewed today. She was thrilled -- made her feel good. It made me (and her doctor) feel good to hear her say that she has no plans to drive. Life's a kick sometimes~! Promise to post some stamping stuff soon. In the meantime, congratulations Asela Hopkins for winning the Cornish Heritage Farms illustrator contest!


  1. Glad to hear that it made her feel good to get it renewed. (I read your original post - was funny the way you wrote it and not funny at the same time.) I guess there is just something about a drivers license that makes ya feel like an adult. One of those things you have for so many years and almost don't feel right without it. Good to hear she isn't planning on driving!

  2. Good news, Joan! Pretty much what I thought it was about for her. The license is a powerful symbol of validation for a lady who's been rendered an invalid in so many ways this last year. The "State" has just declared her sound! But just to be on the safe side, make sure you don't leave the keys laying around. LOL! Best wishes to all of you. ;-)) ~ pk

  3. Glad she was able to renew her license, but also glad she realizes that driving may not be a safe thing. I know when my mom gave up her license, it was more that just a representation of her freedom, but an acknowledgement that she just couldn't do everything she used to do. She knew she couldn't see well enough to be safe and I'm proud she was "adult" enough to make that decision on her own before she "had" to. I can only hope I'm that adult when the time comes.


  4. Kathy/koopdedoo3/23/2007 07:50:00 AM

    Joan, I am so glad that the PROCESS of renewing the license was what your Mom wanted, and that she realizes that driving might not be a good thing (even if she is legal!!).

    I feel awful, I left what was supposed to be a funny comment to the entry you deleted...I truly wanted you to laugh. I apologize if I caused any pain!!

  5. You have a very smart mom. Got to admire her. It takes a lot of character to give up something like that. Shows what a good family you are. She knows that she can still have a good life. You are taking great care of her. Hugs to all.

  6. I am so happy that your mum feels good about being able to renew her license. I am also really happy that she has no plans to drive. The other day I was coming home and passed our local shopping area as the hauled an older model car out of the front of the pharmacy. I said to my husband..."elderly person who pressed on the gas instead of the break?"...sure enough it made the news and it was am 84 year old gentleman. Fortunately no body was injured...thanik goodness it is Spring break and no kids coming home from school!
    So tell your mum she rocks for following her dream (she sounds like my mum)! And is even cooler that she knows she should no longer drive.