April 22, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

No cards today. I'm working on some cards with Gina K's Love You to Pieces autism awareness set, but I don't like what I've produced, so you have to wait until my cards = what's in my head! A few things -- Yosha and Jackie Jones and Kerri Davis all "tagged me" -- so I better get with the program and share 7 things about me you probably don't know: 1. I can get very jealous of really fine stampers, especially those published and on design teams. I am not proud of this. Am working on having a totally generous spirit. Instead of thinking "why didn't I think of that?" or "why is her work always perfect?", etc. I want my first thought to be "how beautiful -- good for her (or him)". 2. I was in Florence Italy when the US landed on the moon in 1969. At least I think I was. 3. I talk -- too much. 4. I was on the front page of the Washington Post in 1987. 5. I had a foster child. 6. I would like to write a book. 7. I am afraid of flying and didn't fly for over 10 years -- until AFTER 9/11 (drugs are now my friend!). ******** To answer a few questions from emails and comments, etc: How big is the circle on the card in the last post? A little less than 3 3/4" from one edge to the other (geesh, is that the diameter???) Another thing -- terrible at math! How's my Mom doing? Thanks for asking. Well, she's holding her own in terms of staying out of the hospital, etc., but it appears that her kidney functioning is worsening. Why did I quit being an SU demo and do I regret it? I quit because of the time necessary to deal with my Mom. While I miss it, I do not regret the decision. How long have I been a lawyer and what kind of law? I've mentioned this before, but since this blog is "all about me" LOL, I don't mind sharing it again. I graduated from law school in 1977. Good grief. Anyway, I was a legal aid lawyer for about 10 years, 2 years at the US Dept of Justice doing environmental law, 15 years at the US Dept of Education doing ethics law, and about 3 handling special education law. I appear to specialize in anything that begins with an "e"!!


  1. Joan, I really like your honesty in answer to your first question.

  2. Thanks for those 'tidbits'! :) Here's another question - aren't you around the D.C. area or do I have you confused with someone else?

  3. Thank you for the very kinds words on my blog. So nice to get to know you better. It sounds like we have similar experiences with our mothers. I hope she's doing well. I love you blog, lots of good information and beautiful projects. Linda

  4. I truly love reading about the bloggers in the "TAGGED" posts!! It gives me so much insight into the adventure in your lives.

    I'm sooo sorry that your mom's kidney function is not improving, I'll definitely KEEP her and you in my prayers. TFS and being so honest, I love it!!