June 9, 2007

Got a Hero in Your Life?

Look no further. Karen at Paperosity has some really nice military themed sets from Art Declassified. They are unmounted rubber on cling foam. I particularly like the sets called Hero. Here's a pic of one of the sets. *********** So, why no card to post? Hmm. My stamp room was/is the worst it has ever been. I have 3 tables and one chair. Even the chair was piled with stuff. It took me an hour and a half this morning just to collect all the paper and put it on my bed so I could see the stamps that must be cleaned and put away. And then there are the punches, inks, etc. -- you get the picture. I also removed a huge trash bag of, well -- trash! So enough of the ying yang, time to go back to cleaning....


  1. I can TOTALLY relate. I just have a very small area in the end of our very small living room (not complaining, just fact). If I do more than one project, or even one complicated project, my table and shelf in back of me both get buried.

  2. Yes, I do have a hero. My son. He served in the Marines for 4 years and then 2 years in the Army Special services. That would be a wonderful stamp set to use on scrapbook pages for him. Thanks for the info Joan. As for your stamp room. I hope you can get it cleaned soon. I miss your cards. The way that I keep my room in order by cleaning up after every card I make. Not always easy but it is something I have to do.
    Good luck. :)


  3. Those stamps look really neat! And when your done cleaning your stamp area, wanna come clean mine?!? I just got rid of a table in my room so you can't find large portions of the floor!

  4. The stamps are great! I think everyone that makes cards truly understands you predicament, I certainly do, LOL. TFS.