August 12, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Elizabeth, with the following post: Hello! I think you should come here and help me start that stamping group! I live in Yorktown Virginia and we love it! We are retiring here. I think you would love it here! We are 20 minutes from Williamsburg and not to close but not to far away from Norfolk and Virginia Beach and having been stationed near Washington,D.C., I know we are not as expensive as D.C.......! Good luck in what ever you decide...Elizabeth Elizabeth -- please send an email to me to claim your $30 gift certificate to Stampin Up! My email address is bardee1 "at" The responses were fascinating. My husband asked me to print out the whole list so that we can review each of them carefully. Thanks, this was fun!


  1. Again and again thank you so very much!! Elizabeth

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Elizabeth!!