August 3, 2007

I'm Thinking,

which is almost never a good idea. I'm not getting a whole lot of fun out of stamping lately. I don't like what I make. It is kind of refreshing and a bit of a relief to say it out loud, so to speak. I'm purposely turning off comments on this post because I don't want anyone to think I'm saying this so you will all say "oh, but your stuff is great, don't be so down." I just feel like saying what is on my mind, to be the Faulkner of the stamping blog world for one night. So, I'm thinking....what am I good at? Or, as the nuns in grammar school would say "At what am I good?" 1. I'm a good editor. 2. I'm a good friend. 3. I'm a good Mom. 4. I'm a good daughter. 5. I'm a good employee. Loyal, conscientious and all that stuff. 6. I'm a good reader -- well, as long as it isn't literature. 7. I'm good at keeping a secret. 8. I'm good at driving (please, let's not have an accident now just for the whole irony thing.) I see it now, my husband coming on to the blog to say, scratch that Friday post, she's gone and hit a rock with the car.... now that I think of it, I did hit the same pole in the same place in the same parking garage 3 times, so forget the driving thing. 9. I'm good at typing. So glad I dropped physics for typing in high school, even if the evil nun physics teacher said I would never make it through college because I was a quitter. Hey, Sister Whatever. I'm a lawyer and you left the convent, so who's the quitter???? 10. I'm good at ordering Grande Caffe Vanilla Frap Light. 11. I'm good at giving money to street folks. Ok, I'm in a MUCH better mood now!!