August 29, 2007

Messages and More

I have a ton of messages to respond to, or I guess I should say "messages to which I must respond." Anyway, you guys are the best -- I just haven't had time to write back to each of you, but I will. About the blog business, it turns out there is a way I can change this blog to another provider and be able to block certain messages. So, stay tuned. You will not have to be invited. As least I think so! Computer stuff isn't my strong suit and this may take me a few days or longer to straighten out. I am cracking up. I can't count the number of messages that say something along the lines of "I like your blog. No offense, it isn't your stamping I like, I like the way you write." Excuse me! You are writing to an honorable mention awarding winning stamper per Nichole Heady on Papertreyink!!! (I suspect she was throwing me a pity bone for having to cancel going to CHA, but a girl can dream...). Now the first time someone wrote that I was "wow, well that's honest." By the 10th time, I decided -- you know what -- that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me and I mean it. So, thanks. But, sorry, once I finish cleaning up my major mess, you will be seeing more stamping here... Speaking of cleaning, I am in the middle of a MAJOR clean up of my stamping stuff. I had NO idea that I had so much stuff. More on that later and how I'm organizing it. Anyway, I had a bunch of stuff out and my husband picks up this information sheet from Ellen Hutson on what to do with the Wizard sandwich plates. He's reading it out loud and says -- this makes sandwiches? Should this be in the kitchen? Sadly, he was serious. Wow, what fun finding all the stuff I have and forgot about. Goodnight.