April 4, 2006

Another Kind of Paper and Ink

Life's not all stamping, sad to say! There are days when I wish I could just stay home from my lawyer job and stamp away. I've worked for the Federal Government since 1987 and have been a lawyer since 1977 -- yikes, almost 30 years ago. I've used a LOT of paper and ink since then. My first job as a lawyer was for legal aid in Norfolk Virginia, where I was the first woman to be admitted to the Bankruptcy Court and one of only 3 women lawyers in the entire city. Can you imagine? -- the Bankruptcy Judge said it "would be wonderful to have a pretty young thing to look at." I think he'd get thrown off the bench now for such a comment (although being called a pretty young thing sounds good right about now). My very first client was a young, newly pregnant, woman. She wanted to sue her boyfriend to pay for an abortion. I advised her she had no case. A few months later she turned up as my waitress in local coffee shop. She looked me in the eye and said "I took care of it myself." My mom was with me and kept demanding to know what it was all about. Sorry, Mom, client confidentiality. Drove my Mom crazy!! And then there was the time....

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