April 6, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I've spent most of my free time this week sorting through piles of scrap paper and generally reorganizing. A great local stamp store, Cami's Paperie, is holding a yard sale in May. I'm renting a table and selling a lot of stamps -- I hope. Another pile of things is going to two different charities. Despite the effort, my stamping table is still covered -- I need to be ruthless and throw away my lovingly saved stamped bits and pieces. As any stamper can tell you, this is a neverending battle. We use so much stuff to creat one card that 10 minutes of stamping equals 30 minutes of clean up. I need an assistant!! Wait a minute, Mike is the King of Anti Clutter. He comes back tomorrow and can have this place whipped into shape in 4 minutes. But, then that cute piece of blue cardstock with the navy polka dots might get tossed...hmm...better keep Mike away... It doesn't help that I continue to acquire new items. Today's mail included the "And Everything Nice" stamping set -- need to get to work making some cards with that adorable set.

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