May 17, 2006


I have Amanda on the brain. I am out of control. I must be stopped! I knew Andy (son, 15) was interested in someone. I know these things. I have excellent Mom radar. I managed after much subtle work to figure out that he has a crush on Amanda -- can I just say that I am totally proud of myself that I even got this info out of Andy? I mean, how many 15 year old boys tell their mothers anything? Trust me, it wasn't easy. I met Amanda last year. She came to career day where I spoke about being a lawyer. I brought donuts and still couldn't draw much of a crowd. But, Amanda came. She asked really smart questions and wrote down all my answers! Amanda is cute. Amanda is serious. Amanda didn't eat the donuts! Andy has good taste in women. Arrgh. Andy mumbled to me that Amanda is going to the prom with some other guy. I'm sure he's a dork and not nearly as nice or cute or smart as my kid!! In my fantasies, he moves away and Amanda asks Andy to the prom. This is not going to happen. The agony of parenthood! Andy's high school is a tiny private one -- only about 100 kids and the prom is really just a big party that all the kids can go to. Amazingly, Andy is going by himself! He doesn't own any clothes besides jeans and tshirts, but willingly went along with the purchase of new black shoes and is going to wear his Dad's clothes. This is the type of prom where some kids wear long gowns and tuxedos and other kids go with slacks and a shirt. A major social leap for Andy. Thank goodness Andy doesn't read this blog!!

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