May 5, 2006


Right now I'm waiting for my son Andy to get ready for school. He's 15. What else can I add to that one??? He often reminds us of the character "Prissy" from Gone With the Wind -- the one who ever so s l o w l y walks home after unsuccessfully looking for a Dr. for Melanie, even though Melanie is writhing in pain and desperate. That's Andy -- there just isn't anything that will get him to rush. The boy literally cannot talk and move at the same time, so nagging is counter productive... I'm also waiting for a big order from Stampin Up! to arrive. If you're not a stamper, you will not understand, but think Robert Downey, Jr. and crack cocaine. There will be a ton of goodies in there, all things to scrapbook. I have a couple of "almost" orders -- folks who are interested in paying me to scrapbook for them but haven't committed. This is fine with me, as I want to go slowly, so that every scrapbook I make is picture perfect. Of course, there is always the "next new thing" in stamping to wait for. In this case, May 15th -- I'll get to see a few of the new sets from SU's new catalog and will be able to order a few. Then, the new catalog will come out the very end of June and of course, I'm literally counting the days until July 11th -- convention! I seriously think I'll be so excited I won't need my Ativan to fly to Salt Lake! I also do too much waiting at work. I like to be in total control of every assignment from start to finish and get it done and out the door!! However, the government does not work that way and I must learn patience every day...lots of folks to consult and check and cross check. I just love when the project is finally done and I can hit the send button!

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  1. ""If you're not a stamper, you will not understand, but think Robert Downey, Jr. and crack cocaine."""

    How true, how true!! I think it's something in the ink!! ;)