June 28, 2006

Hey, I'm in a Magazine!!

I'm in the June/July issue of Simply Sentiments magazine http://www.simplysentiments.com-- I submitted a bunch of "tips and tricks" for stampers and they published one of them. One of these days I'll get the courage to submit a card for publication. In the meantime, it was soooo fun to see my little bitty name in a paper and ink magazine! Oh, and for those of you at work who made fun of me for being excited -- you are so not "card worthy" anymore!!


  1. Joan! congrats on getting into SS! Hopefully my issue will show up soon so I can check it out!!

  2. Good for you! Who needs them at work anyway?!?

  3. Figures -- I just let my SS subscription run out -- I love to see people I **know** from SCS, etc. in magazines.