June 27, 2006

Happy New Year

In the Stampin Up world July 1 is the beginning of a new year. So Happy New Year!! This is the last week to order from the old catalog and the new one should be arriving on my door step in a day or ??? I've managed to place some orders this month to stock up on ribbon and paper so I have no NEEDS at the moment. However, as soon as the catalog arrives, I will cuddle down under my favorite blanket, sipping Fresca, and making lists and more lists of must haves, maybe haves and not on your life!! I find it amazing that the same company that can produce something as gorgeous as Toile Blossoms can also produce a Christmas stamp consisting of a drugged out looking Santa on a motorcyle!! I'll be posting my thoughts on the new catty as soon as I come out from under the blanket. I look around my stamp room and I have tons of stamps, paper, ribbon and ink. The only thing I'm going to need to replenish in the near (and sort of far) future is adhesive, creativity and patience!! Oh, and the picture is my son at an Apple Computer store doing what he loves best -- looking at a screen!

1 comment:

  1. Joan,

    You're going to laugh but I thought that pic was of one of the no-name guys from Star Trek (the original series). How silly I am!!!

    I love your blog!