June 24, 2006

Observations at 7-11

I went today to meet a stamper at a 7-11 to buy some stamps from her. I "met" Nan on the internet, on one of my fave stamping sites, the Gingerwood Bulletin Board http://www.gingerstamp.com . Nan is selling off her entire pile of stamping stuff in anticipation of adopting a family of 5 kids, so of course I have to help her out. Not sure what is more amazing -- adopting 5 kids or unloading all of her stamps! So, I'm sitting in the parking lot of this 7-11, which is right off the I-95 Interstate. First thing, is everyone in this country driving a silver/gray Toyota Camry? I mean, really, every other car was exactly the same. Should have purchased stock in Toyota years ago...Then I see that no one stays in the parking lot longer than 2 minutes, which is of course the whole point of 7 - 11 -- in and out super fast. But, I'm wondering about the 3 cars who seem to be together, who are they, where are they going and what exactly did they get at the 7-11? No one ever seems to be carrying an actual bag out of the store. Does everyone just buy a pack of cigarettes, or a donut scarfed down to quickly to make it to the door? Then I see Nan. I recognize her immediately. I have no idea how -- in the maze of cars and people that I've been observing for 20 minutes -- that I know it is Nan. I thought she said she'd be in a green car, but it is navy, but I know it is her. Why? I honestly think all stampers look alike and we have some built in vibe for one another. Nan and I chat briefly and I'm off with 2 new (for me) stamp sets and a lazy Saturday stretched out before me. My son arranges to have a bunch of friends over, I take Mom out for an ice cream cone and make a card for my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. It's a "pocket" card --meaning that you are supposed to make a pocket. Of course, I glue all the sides together and voila, no pocket. I make another one. Ta da! My first pocket card. It looks a bit amateurish to me, and I'm tempted to go Hallmark, but given that my cards each cost me approximately $100 when all purchases are amortized, I think this is the one! Unfortunately, I've lost the ability to post pictures at the moment. I've tried 3 times to get these pictures up here, so just imagine for now a white, gold and burgundy card!

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