June 7, 2006

The Year Book

My son Andy never joins anything. He goes to school. He comes home. He reads. Sometimes he gets together with some friends, but not often. Along came a class on putting out the school yearbook. Suddenly, he's Mr. Leadership, Mr. Yearbook, the "go to guy" for all things computer. For once he has passion, committment and is tired from working too hard! He's talking about joining the literary magazine and the school theater next year. Who took the real Andy and when is he coming back? No, seriously it is wonderful to watch him blossom, become confident, and reliable. We are very proud of him. Heck, we are standing up cheering proud. Let all the other kids play football and soccer and musical instruments. My kid thinks about math and physics and is always marching -- albeit in super slow mo -- to his own beat. Go Andy!

1 comment:

  1. Neldamc765charter.net6/12/2006 03:30:00 PM

    Hoorah for your Andy! Just a late
    bloomer is all! He's finding his
    niche in life! My Andy was a rather late bloomer also - but a wonderful husband, father and church leader now (42 yrs old). He always loved school, math, sciences, LATIN for goodness sakes!
    A very well-versed & pleasant fellow he turned into! I'm a proud Mom!