June 6, 2006

High School Revisited

I've come to the conclusion that we never really leave high school. Every organization that I've been a part of eventually reverts to all the earmarks of your typical high school --- the cool kids, the ones who get all the laughs and that no one dares criticize or disagree with; the pack that follows like a swaying bowl of jello; the odd balls -- those that are different enough to cause others to run in the other direction, etc. Sometimes I get so frustrated (just like when I was in high school) and just want to tell everyone to grow up and then I remember, this is "grown up." Sigh. In the meantime, here's a little ditty just to make you (and me) smile.


  1. Joan:

    Found your Blog from a link on SCS. Can't agree more with you on "High School Revisited." ;-)

    Have a fantastic day!

    rachelstamps on scs

  2. I'm with Rachel, I couldn't agree more.

    Have a stamp-happy day!
    Renee (SCS - happystamper05)

  3. I totally agree! I work in the office of a powerful US Senator and its just like high school all over again with the cliques and the "cool kids" and the uncool kids. Jeesh, I thought we were grownups! I love your blog, Joan and your cards!

    Lynne in VT
    (bluefish filly on SCS)