July 22, 2006

All Manner of Stuff

Yesterday was good. When my Mom is having a "good" day, life is soo much easier for me. She went to lunch with me and had an ice cream. Why is this good? Her life has become her bed and maybe if she has the energy, she'll take a few spins on the walker around the first floor. Of course, she ate a total of a few bites of spaghetti and an ice cream cone for the whole day! (Hey, maybe I should market the 84 year old frail diet -- probably make a mint.) Of course, curbs and my Mom do not have a friendly existence. This is the second time in a row she almost fell walking down a curb. You know, those bumps in life that we don't even notice until they become nearly insurmountable for some people? Yesterday was also good because I unpacked the Cricut (chirp chirp). I love that machine. It is so cute!! I managed to make a few letters and die cuts. If you are not a papercrafter and have no clue of what I speak, check out http://www.cricut.com It is pronounced cricket, like the bug, and actually chirps when you turn it on. Finally, yesterday was good because I took the time to take Andy to Starbucks and the bookstore (I've been giving him short shrift lately) AND my wonderful friends at http://www.gingerstamp.com responded to a call for cards for my Mom in the most amazing way. More on that later.

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