July 20, 2006

I'm Right!!

Is it my advancing age?? I find myself less tolerant of opinions that are different from mine. I used to be the queen of seeing both sides, seeking concensus, etc. No more! There's a bit of a controversy swirling in the stamping world. Some stampers do it just for fun (that would be me). No one pays me to be on a design team, I don't work for a papercraft magazine, I don't teach, and I don't even submit designs to contests or magazines. But, some very talented -- and not so talented -- ladies do. These stampers also have internet galleries. Sometimes, their cards are "CASEd" -- which means copy and steal everything. The extent to which CASEing is permitted is the topic of the day. Some feel that there are only so many ways to put ink to paper (kind of like there are only so many ways to make a chocolate chip cookie); and therefore pretty much all CASEing is permissible, even if means taking another's card, tweaking it just a bit and submitting it to a contest. Others protest -- basically, if you are going to CASE for purposes of sending a card to friends, ok, but otherwise, give credit and don't submit CASEd work to contests or other profit making endeavors. There are infinite ways to make a chocolate chip cookie and it takes talent to separate the thin, burnt from the chewy, yummy. Can you guess where I am on this debate? I think the answer is obvious, which brings me back to my original point -- why can't everyone just agree with me? LOL ps. I don't have any designs that would win a contest, but CASE one of mine and win a contest, well let's just say I'm a lawyer too!!!

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