July 16, 2006

Amusapalooza Review

I took a few hours today to make the trek to my "local" stamping store to attend the A Muse Arts promotion -- Amusapalooza. It's an hour from my home (and $3.75 in tolls) and that's a considerable commmittment of time for me. After all the hoopla, it didn't meet my expecations. First, the good stuff!! I got there moments after the store opened. While everyone else ran to the Make and Takes, I ran to the wall and grabbed the one thing that I really wanted -- the large and small polka dot alphabets. Just darling. And, since they were on sale, I am doubly pleased. Now, for the not so good stuff. There were 2 Make and Takes that were related to A Muse. One was a darling card designed by Julie Ebersole. You would think that the store was giving away gold coins the way folks fought to sit at that table. Several cross exchanges. Most unpleasant. I backed off. The other Make and Take was for a card that was, frankly, ugly. I don't want to describe it as to not hurt anyone's feelings, but the colors didn't coordinate and the overall design concept was weak -- not a Julie design for sure. Naturally, I made that one because I managed to get a seat before I saw the design. I can't imagine what I'll do with it! As I sat there making the card, women gathered around, pressing in and making me feel like I had to hurry hurry. There's got to be a better way to organize these events. I'd rather pay and be able to relax! I was surprised at how tiny A Muse stamps are -- and pricey. $7, $8 and up for a tiny stamp. The A Muse stationery is appropriately sized to work with these tiny stamps, but not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, the stamp store had already sold out of the designs related to the Make and Takes, which created many frustrated customers!! Not a good marketing strategy. The store had NOT advertised that the owner of A Muse would be there, but for some reason I had assumed she would. She was not. That was my misunderstanding. It would have been fun to see and meet her.


  1. My suggestion is to pretend that the "ugly" make and take is a sketch like you see on scs, and redo it in your own fashion. Take it to the bare bones and go from there. Just a thought. Glad you were able to get the stamps you wanted.
    Marcia D. again;)

  2. Sorry you felt this way - the A Muse website lists prices as well as sizes... maybe it would have saved you the hour...

  3. I had a similiar disappointing Amusapalooza experience as well.
    And in a totally different city, in a store that I normally have a good time entering.