July 15, 2006

Sparkling Summer

Here's a 3x3 gift card I made to go along with a candle that is in a little yellow, green and orange striped holder. I love the SU set Sparkling Summer. I think the images in this set are best used on these smaller items. Can't tell if the picture will show it, but the lemonade has little sparkles on it, naturally! I made the "plaid" background with SU's watercolor crayons. Just draw lines and paint with water -- just like kindergarten. It is soo hot here in Washington DC, that the thought of adding any embellishments at all just seems all wrong!! After making this card (while on hold for ages with the cable company) I've decided that a set of little gift cards would themselves make a great gift. Sneak peak: SU's holiday mini has these little cards in other colors.


  1. The plaid is awesome. I thought at first that it was printed paper.
    Great day for lemonade.

  2. I absolutely love your card! It's adorable!

  3. I absolutely love it! It's so cool and refreshing. Cute!