September 24, 2006

Artfully Thanks

I made this card with Sassy Stems and the sentiment is from Artfully Asian. I fooled around with it forever and am not satisfied, but it is a start. I'm much happier with the way this 2nd card came out. I'd like to say that this was a "quick" card. It will be quick to duplicate, but, wow, it takes hours to come up with something simple, but not too boring, KWIM?? I used Chestnut Memories Ink for the leaves and sentiment. Memories ink is my favorite waterproof ink -- but it also needs to set a few minutes, especially when used on this lovely soft watercolor paper. I used watercolor crayons to color in the image and the shadow behind the image. Matted on chocolate chip and then on vanilla cardstock. When I get some time, I think I'll make a pile of these, but may add something -- perhaps some brads in the corners?


  1. Very pretty!! I agree, perhaps a brad or some ribbon?
    You must give me a watercolor tutorial sometime! you do such a beautiful job with them and I am clueless!!

  2. I love the first one though both are beautiful. You are soooo creative. Wish I could be that way with cards.

  3. Both cards are wonderful but my favorite is the one from Sassy Stems.


  4. I like them both but the second one with the leaves really jumps at me. You've really taken off with this lately!

  5. Joan,
    I think you are way too hard on yourself! Looking at your cards in awe every time, I don't find anything missing. Beautiful creations indeed!
    So sorry to hear about your mom. Must be hard on the entire family. I do hope that things will improve for her and for you!
    Isabelle (Inkerbelle on Gingerwood)