September 24, 2006

Clarification on the Contest

I didn't write it up very clearly. I used the stamps from one stamp set -- hint -- not a background stamp -- to stamp the Taken with Teal on White paper and the Taken with Teal on the same Teal paper. It is that set you need to guess. The other sets used are Blooming with Happiness and Canvas and Dots and Daiseys. So far, no one has guessed correctly! If you've already guessed, please feel free to guess again!


  1. My guess is Background Sampler. I don't have my catalog right here with me but I think that's the name... It's a new set and has 4 stamps, diamonds, lines, flowers and....dots, I think it is. Is that it?!?! Ü

  2. Wow. . . The dark layer looks linear, but the white layer reminds me of the rounded flower from Heartfelt Thanks. This was a fun idea, Joan, and your card is super-cute! Ü

  3. Maybe Much Love? I need a bigger view.

  4. Aha! Well I'm not the first one to guess.....The Background Sampler is it for sure. This was a tough one Joan. But a little bit eaiser once I realized it was a stamp set. :) It was fun trying though. Thanks Joan.