September 10, 2006

Four Wishes

This is my all time favorite card. I still have it -- love it too much to give it away!! I used the SU linen background for the dress. My current 4 wishes: 1. My son's health and happiness (isn't this every mom's wish?). 2. My mom -- may her health improve or her suffering come to a peaceful end. 3. My husband -- his health and happiness always a top priority! 4. Ok, I guess this is where I go for world peace, etc., but I'm wishing for some creativity and talent in the stamping arena.


  1. Joan, I guess I haven't checked your blog in a few days . . .I am sorry to hear about your mom. I hope all your wishes come true. (Who needs world peace if you can stamp really really well anyways?)

  2. GREAT job onthe 4 wishes card!
    I LOVE the idea of using the linen background on the dress.
    Hope your Mom's recovery goes well and your other wishes come true!

  3. It's still my favorite card of yours too ;-)
    I hope all your wishes come true for you!
    Have a wonderful stamp happy kinda day!
    aka: happystamper05

  4. I am so sorry that your Mom is still going through so much. You both remain in my prayers.

    Your 4 wishes card is lovely and I can see why it is your favorite. I love how you used a background stamp to make the little girl's dress.

  5. Karan aka mycatstamps210/03/2006 09:32:00 AM

    Joan, Joan, Joan. Gotta love ya, and your art! Beautiful card, beautiful wishes.