October 25, 2006

"Elvis" Has Left the Building

After 48 days spent in nursing home and hospital visits, my Mom came home yesterday. Older, smaller, frailer, whiter (as in hair), but she's home. Among other things, I hope I can get some time to stamp and I hope some of my creativity returns. If not, I've got a LOT of stuff to sell!! LOL


  1. Hey Joan! Glad to hear your mom is finally home again. Hang in there, girlfriend :)

  2. I am happy for you to have her home. It has to be tough having to go see her away from home each day. Hang in there, you are an awesome daughter to look after her like you do. I hope you get some stamping time. We miss your work.

  3. Glad to hear she is home, Joan! I'll be thinking about you....

  4. Wonderful having your mom home. Maybe you can stamp when she's resting. You would then have something lovely to share with her.

  5. Just checking in on you- hope all is going well now that your mom is home.

  6. PTL! I'm so glad that your mom is home with you again.
    Maybe now things will fall into a new normal and you'll find more time to stamp again.
    Have a wonderful day. You deserve it!
    Rubber Hugs,

  7. Hi Joan,

    I'm glad that your Mom is back home with you now. I hope that she regains her strength and feels better very soon.

    Hang in there Joan.