October 12, 2006

Featured Artist of the Week: Tashers

Every Thursday, my blog features an outstanding stamper who isn't getting the attention I think she deserves!! I found this card while browsing through splitcoast galleries -- it is just one of the many eye popping cards in "Tashers", a/k/a Natasha Trupp's gallery. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get this picture to upload any clearer or larger, but you can see all of Natasha's wonderful work at Tasha's Gallery . I think you'll agree that she is someone to keep an eye on. Natasha is from Canada, and has been stamping since she was 10 -- so for 12 years. (Yes, I did the math, too -- she's only 22!!). She started stamping with a regular pencil eraser and then moved on. She told me that she discovered Stampin Up about 2 years ago, so she considers herself an official stamper (!) as of 2004. I've also placed a link to her blog -- Palm Trees and Pogosticks, on my list of "must see" blogs. Trust me when I say that you'll want to visit her blog frequently.


  1. How fun to showcase different stampers that others might not be aware of. I saw Natasha's blog on your link list earlier this week and clicked on it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet thing for you to do Joan. I hope she knows that you've done this as I'm sure she'll appreciate it. You are a nice stamping sistah.

  3. I just visited Natasha's gallery and her blog. She has some very lovely cards. Thanks Joan for showcasing different stampers each week. I'm not sure I would have found her if it hadn't been for you.