November 17, 2006

Computer Issues Remain

I was unable to recover all the emails with the paper trimmer information! I am sooo sorry. That project must be tabled at the moment as I do not want to ask you all to submit the same info twice and I'm scurrying trying to get this computer working properly. There will be another opportunity to win some SU stuff soon. I apologize -- but I am the victim of the computer here. Also, the link from my camera to the computer also died. So, I am unable to post some of my latest creations. I'm so frustrated, but bear with me. This will get fixed!


  1. So sorry you haven't gotten this resolved yet....breathe deeply and count to ten every time you want to throw something at that darn computer....! LOL

    I would be lost without mine...

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to show us your lovely art soon.