November 12, 2006

I've Put It Off Long Enough

Good grief, it's November 12th -- as in Christmas is coming and where are my cards? My presents? My anything? I love the holiday and am determined to try and enjoy it without stressing out too much this year. With my mom sick and my husband working long hours and my kid, well, he's almost 16, need I say more?? -- I'm planning new and improved Christmas and Thankgiving holidays. First decision -- we are not hosting our Thanksgiving dessert party this year. It has become a tradition and I'm sad to see it go, but it isn't necessary and I think it best that we keep things simple. Also, I'm buying the meal from the grocery store. I've never stooped this low, but whatever!! At least everything will be done at the same time. And, I will make some homemade desserts. Next -- all shopping by the internet! I'm not setting foot inside a brick and mortar store this year, except to buy some spruced up decorations. Sorry Macy's! And, it's time to take down our "year round" Christmas wreath -- it's on the inside of our front door and has been hangin' there for years. It must be sooo dusty -- I've been afraid to look too closely. This year -- a fresh wreath and some new decorations. They don't have to be homemade -- just fresh and smell good. Finally, I have to go into mass production on a simple no layer Christmas card. It is the only way. Do you think a folded card with Merry Christmas stamped crooked on it will work?? LOL Really, I am going to design a simple card and make a bunch. I see paper, ink and a ribbon. Boom boom, done. Then I'll use my gazillion Christmas sets to make more complicated ones for special friends! How I wish I had purchased Peaceful Wishes months ago as I've seen so many simple but awesome cards made with that set! However, I simply cannot, will not, buy any more stamps right now. (Especially since I've seen the Sell a Bration sets! tease). More on that later!


  1. to quote a famous cartoon, remember " it came with out packages,boxes or bows", as the grinch so elequently phrased it! the holidays aren't the hoopla, it's family and friends, and if you're eating with people in soup kitchen or at a gorgeous table, the same warmth fills you, one of comradary, a connection to each other, friends.
    so it's ok to stop a tradition and start a new one, it's ok to scale back, hell, order turkey clubs! it's all ok because you have your family around you.
    P.S. Macy's survived(all my shopping last year was over the internet and i have NEVER felt so stressed free!)
    Happy Holidays, really, i mean that. stop, breathes in and decorate your house with smiles and laughter and all the precious commodities that are family...LOVE


  2. Joan,

    I know you have checked out the Simple One Layer Christmas Card thread on SCS. There are some stunning cards on that thread. I know you can find one that will WOW all you send to and can still be done assembly style. And as long as you are surrounded by family and friends you will have a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keep it simple and have a fabulous Holiday Season.

  3. Congratulations and welcome to the not cooking bunch. We have decided to order from Luby's this year, instead of eating out. We have no family in the area and we live by my late father's wish to have Christmas at home, so we don't schlep all over the country and are free to do what we want. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family.

  4. Bravo, A women after my own heart. Sounds like a pretty sane plan. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. My DH hates to wrap packages and I almost don't see the point since it's the two of us so this year we each get a big plastic garbage bag and put the gifts to the other in it UNWRAPPED and we blindly pick out a package alternately. Friend does this and I thought "why not?" What are your thoughts on this. Especially since we are flying out of FL on Christmas morning to Seattle, I don't want the hassle of picking up and putting away gift wrap. Am I a Scrooge???