November 13, 2006

Trouble in Paradise!

Yikes, our computer died, as in wiped out, nothing on it -- no email, no photos (sob), no checkbook, no nuttin'!! I suspect it was killed by our darling teenage son. If I'm not in jail, I hope that by tomorrow I will have normal access restored and the winner of the contest will be announced. In the meantime, pray for my son!!


  1. I hope that your computer is fixed today. :)


  2. I can son crashed ours last frustrating, hope paradise is restored soon!

  3. Susan, aka Soozie4Him11/14/2006 01:58:00 PM

    Oh no!!! Can the hard drive be saved? We had a hard drive crash, but DH told Dell we wanted to keep it and he was able to have the computer boot off the new hard drive, but he made the bad hard drive a "slave" (?!?!) and was able to get the info off of it!

    Hope you can recover something!


  4. Ugh! I hope you are able to recover at least some of what was on your hard drive. I lost everything in a crash four years ago, so know how painful it is. (((hugs)))