December 23, 2006

SU Paper vs. Beckett Expression #80

After years of buying both SU's Ultrasmooth White and Vanilla and Beckett Expression Cover #80 Cardstock from Marco's Paper, I finally have both in the house simultaneously and thought I would compare colors, quality and price. The top picture compares SU White with Beckett Expression Iceberg; the second picture compares Very Vanilla with Beckett's Candlelight. Quality: identical in weight, feel, smoothness. I could not tell the SU White apart from the Beckett Iceberg. Color: The SU White and the Beckett Iceberg are near identical in color. As I said above, I could not tell them apart. Although I have not seen it, Beckett also comes in a color called "Radiance," which is described as a brighter white than Iceberg. However, there is a considerable difference between the Beckett Candlelight (much lighter, less yellow) than SU's Very Vanilla. Price: I tried to compare apples vs. apples, taking into consideration the minimum shipping price each company charges. Obviously, if you buy more than one pack of paper, shipping charges per sheet go down with both companies. Marco's does not charge sales tax to those living outside of Ohio, and SU charges sales tax (as it must) regardless of your location. SU Ultrasmooth Very Vanilla and Whisper White 40/6.95 (.275 per sheet when buying 40 sheets-- plus tax but including shipping) Beckett Expression Cover 80# Card Iceberg and Candlelight 50/9.75; 250/31.50 (.274 per sheet when buying 50 sheets including shipping); (.16 per sheet when buying 250 sheets including shipping) Of course you can purchase SU products from a demo (and demos will be paying less per sheet by virtue of their discount), and Beckett Expressions through Marco's Paper --


  1. Donna (Mrs. C-GW)12/23/2006 01:59:00 PM

    Joan, have you ever done a comparision with the Georgia Pacific and the SU WW? Just curious.

  2. Joan, thanks for the info! I'm a demo, though, so I'll be going with the SU! But did you test how they STAMP?? Are the images as good on the Beckett cardstock?

    To answer your question, Donna, if you test-Stamp a bold image on GP and SU cardstocks, you'll see a HUGE difference. The GP image will be more mottled and less solid. GP is better for making a base card that you aren't actually doing much stamping on (except a sentiment or something).

  3. thanks for the heads up. I actually went to my local Kelly Paper and got a ream of 250 sheets of the radiance (Beckett) for $20 (& change) plus tax. Much cheaper than Marco's paper. They had to order it, because they don't normally carry the Beckett Expression, so I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow.

  4. This is a cool comparison to see!! I have had both, and didn't like Beckett's Iceberg as much as the old SU Whisper White. I do notice the new SU Whisper White is having trouble drying/smearing -so I'm not real happy about that...but I didn't like the 'feel' of the Beckett Expression in did feel different to me :(

    Your blog is so cool and I'm glad that you do such a great job or writing and keeping us all up to date on what is going on in the stamping and crafting world! If I ever am 'out of the loop' I can always come here and catch up very quickly!! :) Happy New Year, Joan!!