January 1, 2007

All About Liz (Redapron) and MY New Year's Goal

My very best wishes to each of you for good health and happiness and successful stamping in 2007. To those of you who have contacted me about the blog or for other reasons, I am so grateful. The blog is my little escape and it means a lot to have such wonderfully kind folks in my life. But, there is one person that I must single out and thank publicly. Liz, who uses the name Redapron on splitcoaststampers, has taken the time to send my Mom and me cards throughout the year. My Mom has no idea who Liz is and I'm not sure she realizes that all these cards are from the same woman! But, she doesn't throw them out. No, Liz's cards stay up in her room! Liz sends me messages of support in a variety of ways, from private messages to sending me the Georgia Pacific paper. How did I meet Liz? I haven't! She's a total stranger with an incredibly warm and giving heart. My goal for 2007 is to drive up to Liz's home and take her out for lunch or dinner! I've got to meet Liz! So, thank you Liz. And if anyone has a Liz in her life, don't forget to thank that person.


  1. Dear Joan,
    Thank you for your kind words but I'm really not all that special! My life motto comes from Mother Teresa "We can do no great things; only small things with great love" or something like that! It's why I make and send cards. I look forward to meeting you, too. I think we'll have a blast!

  2. I've not met Liz either, but she always seems like such a sweetheart by her posts. 3 cheers for you, Liz, for your kind & giving heart!

  3. That is so sweet!

    And on that note, Joan thanks for being concerned about my mortgage approval issues! It was really nice to see your notes on my blog!