December 31, 2006

Paper Comparison (Part 2)

A few posts ago I compared Stampin Up's Ultrasmooth Paper to Beckett's Expression Cardstock #80. After that post, I mentioned that a fellow stamper had asked me if I had compared Georgia Pacific. I had not because I did not have the paper. So, Liz (Redapron on splitcoaststampers) sent me 5 sheets! In this case, I stamped each paper with the same stamp and the same ink -- Classic Ink Night of Navy from Stampin Up (a dye ink). In terms of how the paper looks -- the SU and Beckett's look virtually identical and have the same smooth finish -- you can literally run your hand over it and feel how smooth they are. The Georgia Pacific does not have that smooth finish, and has a very slightly grayer tint to it. The Georgia Pacific did not take the dye as well as the other two papers. I think the SU paper took the dye the best, but only by a smidgeon. (Note: daylight was coming in closer to the GP paper when I took the picture). However, there are two advantages to the Georgia Pacific -- it is cheaper. I'm not sure by how much, but Liz indicated that it was much cheaper. Also, it makes a nicer base for the card -- it is stiffer than the other two papers and stands up better. Another stamper commented in my original post that she buys the Beckett Expressions from Kelly Paper for much less than what I paid at Marco's Paper. Unfortunately, I do not live near a Kelly Paper shop! Within reason (ha!), I'm a big believer in buying top quality supplies. I figure with all the time I spend thinking, writing, and reading about stamping, and then, of course, actually stamping, I might as well invest in the best. In this case, I will stick with Beckett's Expression (or SU's if there is a good promotion going on tempting me!).


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do a paper comparison again. I appreciate knowing what you think about the quality of each paper that you try. It sure saves me lots of time. :)

    Happy New Year Joan.


  2. Happy New Year Joan!
    And I completely agree with your assessment (at least between GP and SU). I've had the same experience! But since the GP is around 4.50 for 150 sheets - I do put it to good use as a card base - or for computer generated graphics! Saving the SU paper for more artistic endeavors!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. The Georgia Pacific is around $4.95 for a package the size of a ream of computer paper. One lasts a loooong time. Another think I have found with the GP is that inks like Brilliance and SU Black only need a tiny heat set or a bit of drying time before they are completely waterproof on the GP, which is really nice for watercolor crayons. The price alone makes it so worth it. I only use SU white for bits of things here and there where it might make a slight difference. I agree that the GP is much sturdier for an actual complete card. Thanks for the comparison!!

    Donna (Mrs. C)

  4. If you are at the office supply and think of it I've used "color copy" paper. It has a much smoother finish than regular paper and reacts differently to the ink also.